The Family Prosperity Institute

Adults Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse:
The Long-Term Impact on Adult Functioning and Treatment Considerations

March 22, 2014
8:30am - 12:30pm
Black Canyon Conference Center
9440 N. 25th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85021

Sexual Abuse has a significant effect on intrapersonal, interpersonal, and cross-generational
functioning. Research demonstrates a strong, graded relationship between the level of traumatic
stress in childhood and poor physical, mental, social, cognitive, relational, and behavioral
outcomes later in life. Many adult survivors tend not to identify their problems in adult functioning
with early traumatic stress. Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) often seek mental
health assistance for overwhelming anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, phobias, eating
disorders, drug addictions, and other forms of self-sabotage and self-destructive behaviors, as
well as family-of-origin issues and family estrangement. This presentation will address the long-
term impact of CSA on adult survivors and identify several evidence-based therapeutic
alternatives to help individuals and their families to heal from these early experiences. The APA
is calling for more systematic training and formulation of competencies for psychologists who
treat adult survivors of CSA. Towards this end we will review the progress made by the APA New
Haven Conference (2013). We will also address the Statute of Limitations in AZ for prosecuting
perpetrators and what happens if a CSA survivor wants to report to law enforcement a history
revealed in therapy.

Learning Objectives:
Identify the evidenced-based long-term potential impacts of CSA on the functioning of adult
Recognize the relationship between childhood trauma and the risk for physical and mental illness
in adulthood
Distinguish treatment implications and evidenced-based treatment interventions for adult survivors
Become familiar with the Statute of Limitations in Arizona for prosecuting perpetrators and what
happens if a CSA survivor reveals the desire to report a history to law enforcement

The Treasure Chest Campaign In Long Term Care: Elders Are Our National Treasure!

In long-term care and senior care facilities across the nation, there is a crisis going on. Like
a “horse on the dining room table,” the crisis is there for all to see, but most choose to
ignore it because they just don’t know much about it or do not want to see it.

The crisis for seniors’ care is composed of many factors, including sliding economic times;
the advent of Medicare woes; disruptions to family relationships (long-standing and recent)
at a time in life when human connection, protection, and support are much needed; and the
reliance on a medical model of treatment in most nursing homes and long term care
facilities. Thus, many of our elders are facing emotional, familial, economic, and political
crises at a point when they are least able to do much about them on their own. Other
factors only compound the problem:

•   Mental health issues including loneliness, abandonment, helplessness, and
•   Financial issues, including lack of insurance protection
•   Elder abuse
•   Dementia and its attendant physical, emotional, and familial problems
•   The "brokering" of consultation services for the elderly population in residential care

Dr. Judith Rand, a licensed psychologist in Arizona, begins The Treasure Chest Campaign
as a way to call appropriate and sufficient attention to these issues facing the elderly, those
currently living in their own homes but especially those living at home in long-term care
facilities or considering this residential option. She is available to your group or
organization as a speaker to illustrate the nature of the problem as well as necessary

You may wish to contact Dr. Rand regarding your personal or family situation and causes
for concern. She provides family counseling to find viable solutions for your concerns. She
also provides consultation services to families wanting to find the best available senior
living community placement for their loved ones.

“Our lives begin to end the day we are silent about things that matter."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please contact Dr. Rand for more information at 480.466.7010, 480.399.6100, or

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