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About Dr. Rand

Judith Rand earned her doctorate in Counseling and Family Psychology,
with a Minor in Special Populations, from Texas Woman's University in 2003.
She is well-versed in providing services to individuals and families across
the life-span.

Dr. Rand has always been an active member of her community and an advocate of
positive social change. In Texas, where her career as a psychologist began, she
conducted her dissertation research on domestic violence. She then served as a member of the Executive
Board of the Lillian Smith Family Violence Foundation, dedicated to changing public attitudes and policies which
condone violent behavior. Currently, she is a member of the Advisory Council for the Lillian Smith Family
Violence Foundation. The website is: She is also a Board Member for Americans Ending

Periodically, Dr. Rand appears in the media to address problems associated with anger and violence in our
society. She created the Beyond Anger Management course for first-time adolescent offenders of violence on
school campuses at the Irving, Texas, Family Advocacy Center. In Victoria, Texas, she worked with the Juvenile
Justice System in resolving rampant truancy issues in the public school system. She continues to present
seminars on timely family-related topics that provide tools for building healthy families.

During recent years, she began working with elder family members residing in senior living communities, first in
Texas and then in Arizona. In Spring of 2009, she transferred to Arizona for an excellent opportunity to serve as
the consulting psychologist at a long-term care facility for seniors in Phoenix. She counseled with persons
typically over the age of 50 with rehabilitative concerns, special issues related to aging, and/or dementia-related
problems using a person-centered approach to assessment and therapy. In March, 2010, she published an
article regarding the application of state-of-the-art research, theory, and clinical experience to counseling with
the elderly in long-term care facilities. Dr. Rand dedicates part of her time to providing gero-psychological
services to residents of assisted living and independent living communities in Mesa and Tempe, Arizona.

Dr. Rand integrates her education, training and experience toward helping families in her independent practice
in Mesa. Her areas of specialization and interests include treatment of anxiety and depression; conflict around
gender issues; domestic violence, teen dating violence, and elder abuse; adults and adolescents dealing with
trauma such as a history of incest, sexual abuse, or rape; anger, truancy, and violence; cross-generational
conflict; marital and relationship issues, including power dynamics that interfere with healthy relationship
functioning; negative family of origin influences on current functioning; family estrangement; and
The Family Prosperity Institute