Thank you for visiting our site!  Dr. Judith Rand is founder and CEO
    of The Family Prosperity Institute. With more than 20 years of
    experience in the mental health field, she is dedicated to providing
    counseling and educational services that empower clients to
    creatively plan their own destinies. She provides expert counseling
    services and innovative psychology knowledge and solutions to
    individuals, families, family-owned businesses, and organizations.
    Services are time-efficient and cost-effective.

    Dr. Rand specializes in family psychology, which includes family, individual, and group therapy for addressing
    personal struggles with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress; family estrangement; beyond anger
    management; domestic violence including child, wife, and elder abuse as well as incest; a history of sexual
    abuse or rape; gender and cultural influences on a person's life choices and relationships; gero-psychology and
    the issues related to aging in a fast-paced society; and the development of human potential, including the
    development of emotional intelligence.

    Family psychology is the study of human behavior in individuals, couples, families, and family-owned

    Geropsychology refers to the study of human behavior related to the challenges and successes occurring
    across one's later years and through the end of life.    

    Financial psychology is the study of money attitudes and practices of individuals, couples, and families, and
    the meaning and role of money in relationships.

    Beyond anger management is the ability to identify emotions accurately and use anger appropriately in daily

    Domestic violence refers to patterns  of coercive behavior that are used by one family member or intimate
    partner to control another such as using physical violence, sexual violence, emotional and psychological
    violence, intimidation, verbal abuse, economic control, coercion and threats, male privilege, isolating and
    blaming the victim, or minimizing violence.

    Emotional intelligence refers to the notion that personal qualities such as initiative, adaptability, and
    trustworthiness along with relationship skills such as empathy, political awareness, and team capabilities, are
    more important to success and excellence for both individuals and the groups to which they belong, than do
    academic or intellectual ability and technical know-how to perform certain tasks.

                                 Empowering Families to Prosper.©

    If you believe you are in immediate danger due to thoughts or plans about hurting yourself, please call 911 or
    the Empact Suicide Prevention Center in Tempe at 480-784-1514, or visit your nearest emergency room and
    ask for the psychologist or psychiatrist on call.

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